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PMH Childrens Ward Burns Unit Presentation with WA NFIA


Main Fund Raising Event

The Annual WA Fire Ball was held earlier this year and brought together many Fire Industry Companies like ours ,
our Suppliers , invited National NFIA Delegates and the Trade School lead team , and a special guest representing
PMH and Dr Fiona Woods inspirational team .
Funds were raised via pre-event Ticket Purchases and the Donation of Raffle Prizes , an Auction on the night and
several donations from the Directors of the various Companies attending.

The Outcome

Funds raised once again topped $ 30,000 from the WA NFIA and its supporters which is a phenominal effort and a
minimum target for the next event …… Andy Thomas of Automatic Fire and President of the WA NFIA has the
unenviable task of mustering everyone again in the early part of 2016 to continue the great contribution to such a
worthy cause at this level or even higher !

How the Funds are used

At a presentation attended by Jason Morrone , Tanya Bryan and Adrian Yeomans on behalf of Firesafe , we learned
of the amazing research that Dr Fiona Wood (centre of cheque) and her team have undertaken , the key items of
equipment that have been developed out of that reseach and the techniques that have been developed over time
with the assistance of the donations provided by the WA NFIA .
These included laser techniques to reduce scarring , a bath that aids in the removal of dressings without causing any
distress to the child patients and a 4 D interactive module that helps the children ‘ zone out ‘ when there is potential
for a screaming match if they were paying any attention to what thier nurse was doing .