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Emergency & Exit Lighting

Fire safety emergency lighting provides clear warning signs of danger to workers

Emergency exit signs are an essential precautionary safety measure for any workplace. At Firespace United Group, we have extensive experience and field knowledge, not only to provide the installation of these signs, but also to advise you accordingly on the exact positioning of the signs within your offices and building.

Emergency lighting systems are a regulative prerequisite for commercial and industrial buildings. These warning signs provide support and direction for workers who need to find their way out of a building in case of danger.

The purpose of emergency lighting is to direct traffic within the workplace, regardless of poor vision caused by smoke or flames. This type of direction is also essential when confronted with pollutants caused by fire, when one can often become disorientated.

Having fire safety emergency lighting placed at strategic points throughout a building, not only at doors, will ease confusion and direct small or large groups of people to exit a building in a quick, orderly fashion as there is an organised system in place.

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