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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems maintenance & installers Perth

At Firesafe United Group, our top priority is your wellbeing.

We specialise in designing, installing, maintaining and testing a range of fire detection and fire suppression systems.

A fire sprinkler system is common in industrial and commercial buildings and now there is a bigger demand for residential sprinkler systems. Australia is known for its hot, dry climate and fire safety should come first in every home and workplace.

A fire sprinkler is one of the best forms of protection.

A sprinkler provides an excellent fire safety solution by offering protection, as it suppresses fires with water. It works with a control that constantly monitors temperature and when there is an increase in temperature, the sprinklers are activated, releasing water that drowns out surrounding fires.

The design of a fire sprinkler is simple; the water attachment is attached to a piping system and a water pump. The sprinkler is installed into the ceiling with the water-spitting fixture on the inside of the room and the piping system between the ceiling and the roof.

Wet-Fire-Water Systems

The most commonly installed sprinkler is the wet-fire-water system, which is easy to install and operates automatically.

As registered and highly experienced fire sprinkler installers, we can install systems in less than a couple of hours, minimising inconvenience.

Your fire sprinkler systems maintenance is of utmost importance. Although the system is simple, its automatic operation is intricate and should only be handled by a professional.

Under Australian regulations, it is required that you service your system at least once year to ensure optimum functionality.

At Firesafe Group, we are the professionals and have the expertise to not only install fire sprinklers, but to repair and maintain all types of commercial, residential and industrial fire sprinklers.

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